This book’s publication was made possible by a community of amazing people to whom I am enormously grateful.

My sincere thanks to Nikki Andersen and Samara Rowling who have shared their expertise in publishing and worked tirelessly to bring my vision for this volume to life. Thank you for always balancing the practicalities with my hopes for this book’s purpose. I am also grateful to Samara Hoffmann, whose cartoons bring a witty summary to each chapter. Thank you to Adrian Stagg and the USQ Library team who believed in the value of the proposal and supported its realisation.

Friends and family and formal peer reviewers who read and provided feedback on the book have been instrumental in achieving the finished product. Thank you for your honesty and constructive suggestions. The volume has been improved by your considered input.

Finally, my appreciation to all those research participants, colleagues and students who have been instrumental in informing this work (and my research more broadly). You are a constant source of inspiration and I hope this book is of some benefit to you and your colleagues.


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