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Open Access Textbooks

What are open textbooks?

Open textbooks are written and reviewed by staff at universities globally and cover a wide variety of disciplines.  The main difference is open textbooks are offered freely in digital form, and have flexibility in how they can be reused, revised, remixed, and repurposed to suit local contexts and needs.

Open texts have a number of benefits for staff and students that can lead to enhanced engagement in courses, greater participation rates, increased retention, and transformative assessment practices linked to professional and industry outcomes.

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What are the benefits?

Students using open texts

  • are relieved of a major financial burden of study,
  • equitably access learning resources on the first day of semester,
  • retain access at the end of semester.

Academic staff using open texts

  • have the freedom to localise and contextualise resources,
  • can readily set diverse resources without financial cost to students,
  • explore opportunities for authentic, collaborative assessment practices,
  • can enhance their research reputation through broader readership.

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What are the savings?

USQ students have saved $277,153.00 due to the use of open textbooks

(figures current as of December 31, 2019)


Pressbooks is built to help you reclaim content and transform your students’ relationships with course materials. Local and vendor resources are available to help you get started.

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