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Free and Open Textbooks

What are open textbooks?

Open textbooks are written and reviewed by university staff in most disciplines globally, and are offered freely in digital form. Open texts can benefit staff and students by supporting enhanced engagement, participations rates, and retention, whilst presenting opportunities for transformative assessment practices linked to professional and industry outcomes.  These texts offer freedom to staff by legally permitting reuse, and revision.

Search the Open Textbook Library

We'd like to work with you

If you’re considering open textbooks, or open assessment practices for your course, options include:

  • Search the Open Textbook Library for potential texts
  • Evaluate an existing text for your course
  • Consider if changes to an open text are required, or
  • Develop a new open text (perhaps from existing work)

The UniSQ Library can assist with locating, licencing, publishing, promoting, and evaluating the impact of your open text.

Would you like support to adopt, adapt or author an open text?