Section 8.6: EFA Write Up

Learning Objectives

At the end of this section you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are some common elements of a Results Section in an EFA write up?
  • What are some common Tables included in an EFA write up?

Guide (only) to Writing the Results section

A brief guide for the result write-up is: What analysis was conducted and for what purpose (include extraction method, number of items, and number of participants or sample size, including a test of sampling adequacy). What were the outcomes from data screening. You should present results from the analysis (not describe the analysis), i.e. answer the research questions:

  • The criterion for determining the number of components to extract
  • Method of rotation
  • Cut-off used for retaining items for interpretation
  • Appraise the solution (e.g. are there distinct components or are there many items with cross pattern coefficients?)
  • Describe the components and name the components
  • Estimate the internal consistency of each component
  • A full example write-up will be provided.

Guide to Table/s to be Included

For the tables you should include:

A summary of eigenvalue, the total variance accounted by each component, and the cumulative percentage of total variance accounted by the four components.

Also the items, pattern coefficients (in descending order), and communalities (indicate before rotation since they are values from the output) of the items.

See the EFA Example Write-Up.


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