4 The Role of the Authors

Authors are responsible for creating the content of their work. They also have several other responsibilities:

  • Submit an Expression of Interest to the Library using the Contact Us form.
  • Seek workload approval from the Head of School or other line manager to undertake work involved in producing an open text.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to begin the publication process.
  • Commit to regular meetings with the UniSQ OEP team to coordinate workflows and exchange updates on progress, in line with UniSQ’s Open Publishing Workflow.
  • Follow this Open Publishing Guide and be aware of the approval process.
  • Agree and manage expectations with co-authors.
  • Write with best practices for accessibility and inclusive design in mind.
  • Complete all copy editing and proofreading to a standard suitable for peer review and final publication.
  • Coordinate students to contribute content if the OER is part of an open assessment.
  • Record all third-party works in a Content Copyright Tracker so the Library can check for copyright compliance.
  • Create ancillary resources such as videos, slides, teacher guides and student resources.
  • Create glossaries, bibliographies, indexes, and/or additional front and back matter where appropriate.
  • Coordinate peer review of your work.

Resource – Memorandum of Understanding Template

All authors will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to begin the publication process.



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