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UniSQ offers a suite of services related to the publication of open texts. This alternative to traditional publishing results in a professional-looking publication, openly available for others to read and reuse. For examples of our past publications, please look at our catalogue.

The OEP team will assist from start to finish. Our services include:

Training and Consultations

We provide training and consultations to prepare you to produce an open text. This may include:

  • understanding copyright and open licensing
  • finding and adapting open educational resources
  • using our publishing platform, Pressbooks.

Copyright Support and Clearance

We will review the manuscript for potential copyright issues. We will apply for permissions as necessary and may also suggest openly sourced alternatives. The author/s is responsible for any associated copyright fees.

The OEP team can advise on the appropriate Creative Commons licence for your work.

Editorial Support

The OEP team will provide authors with guidelines on editorial standards, including style templates, and advice on aligning content to the formatting of the Pressbooks authoring platform. However, the team does not offer copy editing or a proofreading service.

Formatting and Design Support

The OEP team will provide support for the Pressbooks platform, including:

  • designing sample chapter/s and providing design support
  • plugins, such as H5P and TablePress
  • graphic design capabilities, and liaison with UniSQ’s multimedia team
  • accessibility and usability testing.

Post-Publication Support

We also provide post-publication support, including:

Open Educational Practice Grants

Each year we offer Open Educational Practice Grants to innovate and/or develop Open Educational Practices that support the focus areas of Open Assessment, Open Texts, and Open Ancillary Resource Creation.

This is a competitive funding call and applications will be assessed by a panel using a set of evaluative criteria. The funding rounds are publicised internally via email. Information sessions are conducted for all prospective applicants, and a structured coaching program is available to maximise the potential outcome of your application.

Ongoing Support

As part of the open publishing service, the OEP team will provide ongoing support for the project, including:

  • guiding authors through the publishing workflow
  • structuring the book
  • managing timelines for book production
  • liaising with other departments (eg. graphics).

UniSQ Support

There are many staff at UniSQ who are available to assist with the production and publication of an open text. Links to their email contacts are listed below.

  • The Open Educational Practices team can assist with anything related to open practice, open licences, as well as the technical aspects of using the publishing platform Pressbooks.
  • Copyright Services can assist with any complex copyright queries.

Liaison librarians can help you find OER. Please get in touch with the liaison librarian assigned to your school:

The Open Educational Practices team can also connect you with UniSQ’s graphic and multimedia designers.



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