24 Publishing Your Open Text

Request to Publish Process

Once you have finished exporting the final version of your text, contact the OEP team who will seek approval from the Director (Library Services) to publish your text. As part of the approval process, the OEP team will write a memo to the Director (Library Services), with the following information:

  • overview of the text
  • summary of the copyright status and Creative Commons licensing of your text
  • summary of the peer review process
  • potential impact and engagement.

The OEP team will inform you once your book has been approved and published. You can then promote and share it with your students and the wider community! The OEP team will also distribute your text in national and international repositories, and encourage you to also share the text via StudyDesk.

Distribution Plan

The OEP team will deposit your open text in the following places for national and international audiences:

We also encourage you to add your text to your StudyDesk courses, Reading Lists, and the Research Repository.


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