26 Vietnamese toileting procedure

Bayleigh Mantell

I need words in community languages to comfort children when they’re upset or for toilet training. Can someone make a resource with simple, useful phrases that we could use with children? 85% of our children are Vietnamese but resources in any of Australia’s community languages would be great!


The above resource has been designed to address the above educators’ concern, providing a toileting procedure for Vietnamese children. It outlines the steps children can learn to take when they are independently going to the toilet. The resource is designed to be placed in the children’s bathroom alongside each toilet. It has visual pictures of the steps, words in English and in Vietnamese.

Placing the resource in this position will allow the children to consistently view it when they are using the toilet. It is for children of kindergarten age (four years old) who are learning to be independent and may require visual prompts to remind them of the steps of effectively going to the toilet.

The resource works alongside the Early Years Leaning Framework (DEEWR, 2009) of children having a strong sense of identity and the Identity Development Areas in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority, 2018b), helping children of this age group to manage routines independently. It also allows children to explore early literacy development as they make connections with the written word and add to their vocabulary. Visually seeing the two languages side by side will deepen their understanding of culture, and respect for diversity.



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