Assignment Instructions

There were three tasks in the assignment: Weekly forum activities, the creation of professional learning resources and a critical reflection. These were the instructions that led to the resources presented in this book:

  1. Select two educators’ concerns from the lists in Module 1 that you would like to create professional learning resources for. Select one concern about Reconciliation and one about intercultural communication (one from each list)
  2. Create two digital professional learning activities or resources responding to the selected concerns. The activity or resource may be original (created by you) or an original use of an existing resource. Do NOT present an activity or resource that is pre-packaged, generic or ‘off-the-shelf’.
  3. For each professional learning resource add a separate digital file (300 written words or 2 minutes of spoken text) in which you:
    • provide clear instructions about what the activity or resource is, how the educator can use it, when and where. Include images, a demonstration or shareable templates if relevant.
    • explain why the activity or resource is an appropriate response to the educators’ concern and how it contributes to Reconciliation and/or intercultural communication. In this explanation, use the concepts and theories you have been introduced to in the course as well as academic literature.
    • list links from the activity or resource to specific EYLF learning outcomes, the QKLG and the NQS as appropriate.
    • include an APA 6th formatted reference list of at least 3 sources of academic literature that are highly relevant, credible and current. For audio or video recordings, submit the reference list as an accompanying Word document. Provide separate reference lists for each professional learning resource (not included in word limit).


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