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Bayleigh Mantell

We’re really struggling with making connections with the local community elders. Can someone put together some ideas for this, specific to a location in Queensland?

Accessing Aboriginal Languages

To access the indigenous people in your area, check out this website provided below.


This is a great resource as it provides information of what Aboriginal languages are used throughout the greater Brisbane area.

  Ipswich & West Moreton

  • Jagara – also written as Yagara
  • Yugarabul – also written as Yuggarabul
  • Yuggera – also written as Jagara


The above resource that has been created to address the need for resources for Reconciliation. The intent of the resource is to provide educators with a base point to begin incorporating culture awareness and understanding into their daily practices. This resource does this by allowing educators to identify the local Aboriginal group who are the Indigenous people of the land where their service is located, giving educators a stepping stone to begin to ensure they are seeking out the correct information before they begin to educate the children in their care, and before commencing further research for themselves.

To understand and make connections with the local Indigenous people, we need to know who they are. The resource provides this information. Through the socio-cultural/interactionist theory (Vygotsky, 1978), I have come to realise that language is a huge part of culture, and to be culturally competent educators it is integral that we ensure we are making everyone feel comfortable, secure and supported within their learning environment. This means getting to know the families of the children in our care, learning about their culture, so that we can ensure that we provide as many opportunities for their culture to be embedded into the curriculum.

As outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations [DEEWR], 2009), children are connected with and contribute to their world. Implementing different cultural groups into the daily practices of Early Childhood education and care services, will help young children learn respect for diversity while deepening their knowledge of other cultures, especially of Australian Indigenous peoples




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