Jacqueline Macdonald


Welcome to Hidden Treasures: Gems and Nuggets 2 – a further exploration by USQ students into the world of First Nations and intercultural education. As you survey the different children in your classrooms and childcare centres it is akin to surveying the landscape when fossicking for precious stones. One sees the countryside there but how to find those hidden treasures? We must turn over pebbles and stones, gently brush the dirt away, dig deep for the gems, and carefully hold the tiniest nuggets in the palm of one’s hand, always asking questions as to what makes these gems and nuggets so precious and special.

We can take this analogy as we explore cultural diversity and intercultural education. We must turn over the stones and pebbles in search of the hidden gems and nuggets, asking questions searching for answers and building resources that will support and strengthen our teaching and increase our own knowledge and understandings of the histories and cultures that can stretch back through thousands of years. This book delves into the connections we can make with Australian First Nation cultures and histories as well as providing intercultural resources that cover the diverse countries of Spain, Vietnam, China, Burma and Korea.

It is hoped that this book will enable you to keep fossicking for those gems and nuggets that will inspire you on your journey to becoming culturally competent educators.


Special note: The editors thank those special small human treasures who allowed us to photograph their explorations of gems and nuggets:  Felicity and Angus Macdonald.


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