We thank the many human physiology students whose enthusiasm and passionate engagement in development of scientific skills inspired us to create this resource. We express our gratitude to Dr John Waters, Mr Bill Perrotti and Dr Valerie O’Loughlin – past presidents of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society – who first recommended we publish the How to do science guide with the intention for it to be used as a resource for science students worldwide. Their enthusiasm and encouragement set us on the path to publishing this e-textbook. We also thank Carrie DeHaan, Kirsten Duncan, Tim Meyen and the rest of the Biotext team for their outstanding editing and design work that elevated our work, and resulted in an e-textbook that exceeded our hopes and initial vision. This project would have been impossible without the support of a La Trobe University Digital Learning Strategy Innovation Grant, and the opportunities and support provided by La Trobe University Library staff Fiona Salisbury, Deputy Director Learning and Teaching, and Jennifer Peasley, Executive Director and University Librarian.

Louise Lexis and Brianna Julien (La Trobe University).


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