Peer reviews

Review 1 (excerpt)

The book’s authenticity is in its illustration of practice concerning the co-creation of multimodal texts. These illustrations are drawn from examples of pre-service educators’ assessments from a post-graduate literacy education course. The illustrations of practice demonstrate the practical application of educational theories such as multiliteracies, semiotic meaning systems and sociocultural theory. . .The authentic illustrations of practice included throughout the book are informative and relevant for educators, parents of young children and academics. The book offers imaginative and creative examples that can inform the teaching and learning practices of pre-service and serving educators, parents and scholars interested in emerging multimodal literacy practices of the 21st century. Co-Creating Multimodal Texts with Young Children brilliantly captures the imaginations and creativity of young children as they learn about the world and develop their multimodal literacy repertoires through the collaborative creation of multimodal texts.

Nathan Lowien

Lecturer in English Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of Southern Queensland

President of the Australian Literacies Educators Association (ALEA) Meanjin (Brisban+) Local Council


Review 2 (excerpt)

This compilation is the product of an engaging and practical literacy assessment task for pre service teachers . . . It is evident that the pre service teachers were carefully scaffolding and supporting their learners with their literacy learning to enable them to make apt semiotic choices to convey meaning in telling their stories, as well as with using the technology. Another strength evident in most of the examples is the emphasis the pre-service teachers placed on building the child’s interest in and knowledge of the chosen topic. In most cases, a focus on child centred learning and authorial choice in creating and telling their story was supported and valued. The book showcases a diverse range of modes and simple digital text formats from simple picture books with a recorded voice over and created as eBooks, to PowerPoint presentations to movies. . . . The pre-service teachers’ reflections and lists of dos and don’ts and suggestions for future practice were often insightful.

Dr Annemaree O’Brien

Lecturer in Language and Literacy Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne



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