This book, authored by pre-service teachers who were developing their understandings and experiences of literacy teaching, gives insights into ways of exploring the digital world with young students. This collection of multimodal texts co-constructed with young children demonstrates the range of educational and sensory experiences possible. It further displays the creativity that can be captured when providing children with a range of expressive opportunities available through digital platforms. The child co-authors are to be commended for their creativity, flexibility and patience in working with the pre-service student authors. 

In today’s world of technology, children have access to a range of digital platforms with access to storybooks, reading in pictures and text as well as access to apps with attractive visuals, images, sounds, and music. Supporting multimodal literacy is an important aspect of education as it encourages students to understand holistically how media shapes their world. More importantly, creating a sensory experience for young children by combining visual, auditory and tactile activities creates a dynamic learning experience that, as shown in this book, can appeal to all learners.


(Ong, N., personal photo, 2022)


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