Appendix: The assignment

Assignment Instructions

Co-construct a multimodal text

1. Plan the co-construction by reviewing student early reading and writing development. Include planning for the use of ICT for enhancing curriculum learning opportunities as well as the selection and use of other resources.

2. Co-construct a multimodal text with a child (birth to 8 years) using a digital format. Draw on the Early Years Learning Framework,
the Australian Curriculum English strands of language, literature and literacy and your knowledge of semiotic systems from multiliteracies theory.

3. Create a presentation using photos/videos that demonstrate a range of teaching strategies and processes you used to assist the child in the co-construction of their text. Accompany the photos/videos with a critical justification and synthesis of the strategies and processes. Include links to curriculum documents and contemporary theoretical perspectives in the teaching and learning of reading and writing with young children. Provide an outline of the child’s learning on an additional slide demonstrating your understanding of assessing student learning.


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