About the author

Professor Richard A. Slaughter, Foresight International, Brisbane, Australia

Prof. Richard A. Slaughter is a writer, practitioner and innovator in Futures Studies and Applied Foresight with particular interests in Critical and Integral Futures. During 1999-2004 he was  the Foundation Professor of Foresight at the Australian Foresight Institute, Melbourne. During 2001-2005 he was the President of the World Futures Studies Federation. He is the author or editor of some 20 books and many papers on a variety of futures topics and has served as a Board member of several journals. His works include: The Biggest Wake Up Call in History (2010) and To See With Fresh Eyes – Integral Futures and the Global Emergency (2012). He is the recipient of three awards for ‘Most Important Futures Works’ from the Association of Professional Futurists. In 2010 he was voted one of ‘the best all-time Futurists’ by members of the Foresight Network, Shaping Tomorrow. In 2020 he was invited to become a part-time member of the Professional Studies team at the University of Southern Queensland.

Web: http://www.foresightinternational.com.au



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