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USQ Library Services supports the learning, teaching and research needs of students and staff at the University of Southern Queensland. Using a digital first approach, USQ Library enhances student success by delivering online and on-campus study support when and where students need it. Library staff partner with academics to embed learning activities that develop academic, digital and information literacies skills that underpin successful learning outcomes and scaffold across study programs to provide graduates with quality preparation for work readiness and career progression.

USQ Library provides a supportive, connected and intuitive experience that is underpinned by the USQ strategic plan and learning, teaching and research priorities. The range of services and activities delivered by USQ Library enables:

  • students to develop the confidence, resilience and skills required to reach their potential as engaged, informed and productive citizens, and
  • staff to access the tools, supports and systems required to reach their potential as world-class teachers, researchers and professionals.

USQ Library is part of the Academic Division and is led by the Acting Director, Library Services, Clare Thorpe.

USQ Library employs a total of 72 staff across the three USQ campuses. This translates to 66.7 full time equivalent (FTE) roles across ten teams within the three main areas of:

  • Content
  • Learning and Research
  • Library Experience

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