Ways in which USQ Library has contributed to decent work and economic growth

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The promotion of productive and creative activities that support innovation for the good of society sits at the heart of both universities and libraries. USQ Library provides productive employment with flexible working conditions for staff with a diverse range of qualifications, expertise and backgrounds.

USQ Library supports student leadership and employment, invests in the professional development of staff and provides placements for library and information science students. Access to information services and Makerspace technologies also supports the entrepreneurship ambitions of USQ students and staff.

Employment opportunities

Lyndelle Gunton, Manager (Education Support)

USQ Library takes a proactive role in contributing to practical and real world employment opportunities for students. In 2020, USQ Library employed 11 students as Assistant Library Officers across our three campus libraries. From this cohort, two casual staff members obtained longer term contracts as library staff.

USQ Library seeks to provide meaningful working experiences that provide opportunities for employees to observe and experience how the library profession operates and explore options for career progression as a result of study. Two Assistant Library Officers also commenced study to become qualified as library and information professionals following their positive experience as student employees for the Library.

As part of the Meet Up peer learning program, USQ Library employs students who are doing well in their studies to become student peer leaders. In 2020, 127 students were employed to help deliver the course-based Meet Up program.

During the year, USQ Library provided a range of opportunities to support staff in developing their career skills. This included career opportunities in the form of higher duties on contracts for five library staff, Additional support for career development through secondment arrangements for five library staff.


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