Part 2 of 3: Examine Values in Practice (contd.)

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Please engage with the video activity below.

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Activity 3.2.3  – Video Activity with Q&A 

Take a few minutes to watch the following two clips where two people from the community sector talk about why they love their jobs. 



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Activity 3.2.4 – Reading with Q&A 

Now that you have become familiar with what are values and what they can look like in practice, let us look at the relationship between organisational and personal values, a dynamic that impacts our behaviours in the workplace (Arieli et al., 2019; Eva, Prajogo, & Cooper, 2017; Peterson & Barreto, 2014).

Get started by reading the following to understand more about the impact of personal values in a professional context.

Additional resource


Arieli, S., Sagiv, L., & Roccas, S. (2019). Values at Work: The Impact of Personal Values in Organisations. Applied Psychology, 69(2), 230-275. doi:10.1111/apps.12181


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