H5P activities list

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21Video 1: What is culture? [1:56 mins]Cornell Notes
22Video 2: What is culture? [2:24 mins]Cornell Notes
23WatchInteractive Book
24Activity: Identifying Cultural UniversalsDrag and Drop
25Your experience of culture shockAudio Recorder
26culture shock definitionCourse Presentation
27Video 1: Culture Shock [1:56 mins]Cornell Notes
28Video 2: Reverse Culture Shock [3:00 mins]Cornell Notes
29culture shock definitionCourse Presentation
30learning journal module 2Course Presentation
31challengesAudio Recorder
32Video 1: What is Ethnocentrism? [4:49 mins]Cornell Notes
33Video 2: Cultural Relativism vs Ethnocentrism [8:43mins]Cornell Notes
34Video 3: Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism: What is it? [4:44 mins]Cornell Notes
35Predicted story - module 3Course Presentation
36Module 3 reflectionCourse Presentation
37how would you manage the situation?Audio Recorder
38Cultural Identity questionnaireCourse Presentation
39Module 3 - task 8Course Presentation
402aCourse Presentation
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